Principles of Reasonable Usage

  • EMT implements Principles of Reasonable Usage for designated pricing packages or service packages of EMT Internet.
  • EMT implements Principles of Reasonable Usage to assure the best possible quality of Internet usage for regular users.
  • Following activities are considered as reasonable usage of Internet: browsing websites; reading, writing, receiving and sending emails; using text-based instant messaging and other similar activities which in general do not require large and continuous data transmission. In general, activities that require large and/or continuous data transmission are not considered as reasonable usage – i.e. mobile internet is used for watching large movies, television and video portals; using online video rental services; making conference calls, video calls and internet calls, listening to internet radio for a prolonged time; downloading and/or uploading software or games; using P2P software (bittorrent, gnutella, etc). The list is not limited to examples stated above and it is not conclusive.
  • EMT can apply special requirements or create additional services for those types of data usage which have a high impact on network load or require additional standards of quality. Equal treatment is ensured for users of protocols from the same technological branch with special requirements or additional quality requirements. More information is available in service descriptions.
  • EMT has the right to decrease data transmission speed without prior notification in EMT Internet packages that do not have limit on data volume if data volume used by customer has exceeded 15 GB in one calendar month.
  • Data transmission is decreased to 120kbit/s on downloading and 64 kbps on uploading after limit on transmission speed has been imposed. After speed has been decreased, data transmission usage in EMT network in Estonia is free for the Customer. Using internet services is roaming network is priced as per regular roaming price list.
  • EMT has the right to limit Internet usage methods that do not fall under Principles of Reasonable Usage without prior notification to assure the quality of Internet traffic that complies with principles of reasonable usage.
  • Reasonable usage of GPRS WAP (APN and data transmission services (for example, SurfPort) is considered as 300 MB of data transmission volume per month in EMT network in Estonia. If this limit is exceeded, EMT has the right to charge for each exceeding MB as per valid price list.